amongst the golden stars

amongst the golden stars
i await your return
i've seen them shimmer
day in and day out.

forgive me for letting go
i'm sorry for losing you
in the nighttime rush
you fell silent to me, a dimming hush.

the heart can only ache so much
till it gives out
the day can only linger on so long
till the dusk scatters about.

so here i am
drifting in the open air
never leaving our cloud too far
here amongst our golden stars...

© Darius Buckley

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve always had an obsession with using gold in my literary work. Golden this, golden that… I use it a lot. There’s something about the shimmer I see in my mind when I think of gold that makes it work for me. I remember discovering Eric Whitacre’s album Light and Gold. His song, Lux Aurumque, was what really triggered it. The album cover was a beautiful tree surrounded with shimmering gold, hence the Latin translation… Light and Gold, Lux Aurumque. That mixed with his masterful use of poetry sparked an obsession in me. This piece was written while I was in college. I was moody and ached for a starry eyed muse. I had just experienced my first mutual breakup from my girlfriend during the summer after senior year of high school, before college and I was looking for something to help me feel. This poem came out easily. Eric Whitacre’s shimmering music mixed with longing gave me all I needed.