Oh shall I die in flaming waters,
A fate I shall not declare in vain,
For I shall see with new eyes,
The glory of your name.

Oh how my soul would glisten,
in the dark night,
Engulfing in the luminous glow,
Releasing Me with all my might.

Oh Lord should it be I,
To drown in flaming waters?
An    i     n    f     e     r     n    o 
For such a martyr? Yes.

I lay myself on burning streams,
Where cooling waters approach,
Moments of darkness lingered,
Now illuminate streams. 

Burn my skin in righteous waters,
Let my old skin whither off,
On C O O L I N G  W A T E R S
Fade the darkness from within.

Now the cooling waters flow within,
Bringing peace of wind,
Where rocks were once rough,
Now smoothed and thin.

Shall I G        L        I        D        E
Across soothing waters, without my

Rather I be warmed by his righteous
I.       N.      F.       E.      R.      N.     O.    
That now burns from within...

May I ask ye saints... Does he burn within? 

Or does your comforting springs,
Extinguish the fire within,
So stuck in your faith, confidently.

Are you blind to the darkness that fades?

© Darius Buckley

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love playing with structure. I’ve never been a “roses are red, violets are blue” type guy. Even as a kid, I was inspired by the work of artists that created high art. No baby steps over here, I created art with controversial themes. Poems that used powerful language. My favorite poet has always been e.e. Cummings, partly because Eric Whitacre set his words to stunning music that I listen to almost every day. His ability to play with the literal structure, like the way you see the poem on the page and still feel what he was conveying astonished me. His words seemed to dance across the page and I was in love with every line. This poem was born was from a place of pain. I was in my freshman year of college and I had a trashy day. I needed a way to get my emotions out and this was born. I was raised to trust in God for everything. I went to him, crying out for comfort. The poem has an aggressive nature but with good faith. It’s like a battle cry laced with the armor of God. It dances across the page, it’s strong and unconventional. It’s one of my most prized works thus far.

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